May 31, 2016

Slate makes the Libertarian Convention sound like a fun time.

May 30, 2016

Red Sox are doing pretty well so far this season... here are some Infrared Photos from Spring Training, including this one:

May 29, 2016

Melissa wanted to watch Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, so we are. (She had watched the old series some but not the movies) So far the hardest thing to explain is McCoy's pants in this scene.

May 28, 2016

View from Kimball Castle

May 27, 2016

I never really got into Seinfeld (though I like it conceptually) and had no idea that the slap based theme was customized on a weekly basis, to go along with the monologue...

More kottke bits: Tesla's SUV is faster while towing another car than an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. In other words, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider being towed by the Tesla wins the race vs its brother that's just being driven.
I'd really like to talk with the people who do the AI in the Mario Party series... having computer opponents who can play the same role as a human player, in an ok but not perfect way - and in so many games - is really impressive.
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